Hard Fanaticz

On our Streams you are the Fanatic in the Front

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HardFanaticz is a community of DJ's from all over the world who play the Harder Styles on Twitch.

You are interested in joining us as a DJ? Please fill out the form below.

We will watch your shows / liveset, check your mixing and then contact you on Discord.


  • You have a Twitch account
  • You have a big collection of music from the Harder Styles
  • You have professional mixing skills
  • You have a camera and a stable internet connection


  • You stream on your own channel and on your own responsibility.
    We are not a web radio, we just link to your streams and shows.
  • Your channel can be in any language, but also must allow english.
  • You can stream whenever you want. We would be happy if you announce it in our timetable.
  • It is allowed to be member of any other web radio or community and stream there at the same time.
  • You can use your channel also for gaming if you like, only content from the music category will be listed here.
  • We prefer to raid members of our community, but you are still free to choose whoever you want.
  • You don't talk into every single track ;)
    (Moderation is okay, but we think, too much talking is annoying. It's about enjoying the music.)
  • We just ask you to include a small advertising to our community (e.g. Logo, Website, Hashtag, Discord Link) somewhere on your Twitch channel in whatever form you like.

To copy your Discord name and id, click on it in the bottom left corner in Discord. (Example: Username#1234)